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Core Group

Contact: Ronnie Perrin 985-507-9765

Description: Oversees Stewardship of St. Joseph’s Church fixed assets and property.

Requirements: Though the ministry is not confidential, members must be able to keep discretion as projects and plans are discerned until the appropriate time for parish wide education.

Frequency: Meets Once a month, 2nd Tuesday at 1:30 PM

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finance committee

Contact: Mike Fulmer 985-320-9553

Description: Responsible for preparing and reviewing our annual budget, publishing quarterly and annual financial reports, and short term and long term fiscal planning.

Requirements: Members will need to keep discretion on financial issues until they are formerly reported to the parish.

Frequency: Meets quarterly at 10:30 AM on Tuesdays as scheduled


Gardening Angels

Contact: Marie & Buddy Williams 985-520-7599

Description: Gardening Angels is a ministry of beautification of our grounds through gardening. The ministry also offers gardening therapy to families in the participation of these efforts. The ministry provides an opportunity for service hours for St. Joseph’s students.

Frequency: Gardening Angels meets as scheduled 2 days a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

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SJS School Advisory

Contact: Monee Sheridan 985-351-2047

Description: St. Joseph's School Advisory Council is comprised of the pastor, principal, and nine members who are nominated and voted on by the faculty and parents. The Council serves as an advisory board to the principal.

Requirements: Nominated and elected by SJS parent body for a three year term, members are eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms. Each member must be a Catholic, financially supporting parent of a St. Joseph’s School student. They must have a child in the fifth grade or below at the time of election in order to be eligible to seek membership.

Frequency: The Council meets on designated months of the year. All meetings are open. To be placed on the agenda, contact the resident no later than one week before the meeting.


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St. Matthew’s Guild

Contact: Deacon Larry Melancon, 985-386-3749

Description: Three money counting teams count our collections once a week in rotation. All money identified through envelopes or checks are submitted to the Church Office. A staff member records in our census for tax reporting. Second collections are submitted as a separate deposit and are also recorded in census for tax reporting. Loose cash is directly deposited in a separate deposit. Money contributed through online giving is received and recorded directly through a Church office staff member.

Requirements: Matthew's guild members must be active parishioners in good standing with the Church, screened for discretion, and approved by Pastor.

Frequency: St. Matthew's Guild meets at a local bank Monday mornings at 8 or 9 AM for approximately three hours. Holy Day Collections are counted the subsequent Monday following the Holy day as well.


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Contact: Becki Alford 985-351-4126

Description: When we grow in relationship with Jesus, we experience a love that cannot be contained! God desires relationship with us. He gives all and takes nothing. He has entrusted us to one another. Stewardship ministry is an immersion experience for the entire parish in Stewardship of Prayer, Resources, and Ministry over the course of our Liturgical year.

Requirements: None

Frequency: Stewardship of Prayer during the season of Advent, Stewardship of Resources during the Season of Lent; Stewardship of Ministry during Easter Season and beginning of our Catechetical year.


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 Ancient Order of Hibernians

Contact: Ronnie Crimmons 985-773-8965

Description: Our Ancient order of Hibernians Local Division's Mission is to help those in need.

Requirements: Male over age17, of Irish Heritage, and a practicing, active Catholic.

Frequency: Meets once a month on Wednesday nights

Cooking for Father

Contact: Linda Guagliardo 985-974-1775

Description: An easy, but so much needed and appreciated ministry! Join a team that provides home cooked meals for Father three days a week. Volunteers are welcome to share meals that have been prepared for their family. Currently, each person on the team is scheduled to cook once a month! Many hands make light the work. The more volunteers we have for this ministry, the fewer meals a team member prepares!

Requirements: Must be able to provide low-carb and diabetic friendly meals. The schedule is created quarterly and volunteers provide meals once a month.

Frequency: Cooking for Father is provided Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for Lunch. The meal must be delivered to the Church Office in the morning during office hours.

Kaycee Ladies Auxiliary Father Vander Hayden Council

Contact: Maureen Felder, President 225-294-3092 or Beulah Kluka 225-294-2071

Description: Our Purpose is to assist the Knight’s of Columbus and promote social events

Requirements: Husband or a blood relative must be, or have been, a member of the Knight’s of Columbus.

Frequency: Meets the 2nd Thursday of each Month at 6:30-8:00 PM

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Knights of Columbus Fr. Vander Hayden Council # 4874

Contact: Buddy Pugh 985-386-2018

Description: From the moment of our founding in 1882, charity has been the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. We are Catholic men of faith and men of charitable action. Knights of Columbus charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international projects. Our own unique charities include the Christian Refugee Relief Fund, Disaster Relief, Ultrasound Initiative, and Coats for Kids. We also partner with international charities including Special Olympics, the Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity. Locally, our St. Joseph's Parish KCs raise funds to help those in need both in our Church parish and civic community. We also provide support to schools, youth initiatives, and pro-life initiatives. If you’d like to be a part of an international organization of nearly 2 million Catholic men whose principal work involves helping others in need, we'd like to meet you and invite you to join us.

Requirements: Practicing Catholic

Frequency: Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at the Knights Hall and Quarterly Communion at 5 PM Mass

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Rosary Altar Society

Contact Evelyn Lavigne, President


Description: Provides Prayer and Resource Support for the Church’s needs.

Requirements: Women over 18

Frequency: Meets 1st Monday of the Month at 1:30 PM in the St. Catherine Room

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*SJS Crusader Dads

Contact: Johnny Cieutat and Brant Alexander

Description: With the direction of the school principal, we fix, repair, paint, and fundraise for the school.

Requirements: Must be a dad of St. Joseph’s School Student


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Baptism Ministry

Contact: Clay & B J Nepveux 985-370-7548

Description: Required Baptism Formation class for Catholic and Non-Catholic Parents and Godparents.

Requirements: Parents and Sponsors interested in taking this class should make contact with the Church Office. Forms required for Baptism will be filled out at the meetings and must be turned in prior to Baptism. After attending the class and turning all documents in, parents may contact the Church Office to schedule a date for the Baptism.

Frequency: Classes are scheduled on a Wednesday, once a month at 7PM in the St. Dominic room.

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*Blue Knights

Contact: Kaycee Brescher 985-974-0303;

Description: A Fun, Flexible, Faith-filled Catholic Club for boys ages 5 and up! The Blue Knights Catholic Club is a boys’ club aimed at teaching the truths of the Catholic faith to boys through Scripture, saints’ biographies, games, crafts and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Based on the popular Little Flowers Girls’ Club, this program was developed by a retired Marine, theologian and Catholic author, Dan McGuire mapping out virtues for boys ages 5 and up in the first year, and then follows up with four years covering catechetical lessons. The club guides include lessons in the Faith, activities, saints’ biographies, suggested talks, craft ideas and game suggestions. If you desire a more encompassing program, extra badges and service medals can be earned through activities, encouraging a Catholic world view. Patron saint badges, major badges and medals are all available.

Meetings: Once a month for about an hour and a half in the St. Joseph’s room.


Contact: Crystal Aegerter- (225) 572-4725

Description: Provides Childcare during Mass, formation, and special events.

Requirements: Safe Environment Training and clearance from Baton Rouge Diocese

Frequency: Sunday mornings

Children’s Liturgy

Contact: Paige Bacile 985-386-3749

Description: Liturgy for 3-6 year-olds during Mass Requirements: Child Safe Environment training and clearance from Baton Rouge Diocese .

Meeting: Sundays at 11 AM Mass


*Genesis, a Scripture Study Club at PHS

Contact: Sarah Stoehr 985-386-3749

Description: Meets in the upper gym lobby during first and second lunch addressing the students who come to eat pizza for lunch with a greeting, “Hey this is Genesis and we talk about God here so if you’re uncomfortable with that then you may leave but we ask that once you get food that you stay. Please respect all speakers; today so-and-so is talking about such-and-such. Finally please be open to what God has for you, and lets open with a prayer...” We pray, eat, sit and smile, listen to a message about relationships with God and each other, and have Q & A.

Requirements: PHS Student-led Ministry

Meetings: First and third Monday of each school month, during both lunches

Home & School Association

Contact: Strader Cieutat 985-974-7901

Description: The Home and School Association works solely for the benefit of St. Joseph’s School. Every parent with a child enrolled in the school is automatically a member. St. Joseph’s Home and School Association is the very visible and vibrant parents association of the school. It was organized with a three-fold purpose: to promote communication, good will, and cooperation among parents, faculty, administration, school board, and the parish of St. Joseph’s; to provide leadership and coordination of activities for the purpose of service, special functions, educational programs, and/or fund-raising; and to foster the political action of parents as advocates regarding national, state, and local legislation that affects Catholic schools as well as the lives of students and parents.

Requirements: Members are asked to participate in various activities/roles such as Spring Fair, Strawberry Fest Parking, Room Moms, Crusader Dads, Catholic Schools Week activities, and other events throughout the year.

Frequency: Meetings are held on Tuesdays throughout the year.


*Maidens of the Immaculate Heart

Contact: Gabrielle Reggio 504-330-0939

Description: A place where girls can grow in sisterly community and in their faith lives.

Requirements: Must be Female, 8 years old and up

Frequency: Summer Program

*Our Lady of Fatima Traveling Statue Ministry

Contact: Brooke Boudreaux 985-722-7386

Description: Our Lady gave us her promise, “ I will never forsake you.” Will you help us respond to her call to prayer? The statue is presented to a different family each week at 8 AM Sunday Mass. The family prays the Rosary with her during the week and returns her the following Sunday before 8 AM Mass. Please contact Brooke if you are interested in participating.

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*Parenting Ministry

Contact: Paula Jarrell 985-429-8977

Description: Catholic Parenting workshops using Teaching the Way of Love Series. Each part of the series is five workshops.

Requirements: Targeting parents or guardians who are currently raising children.

Frequency: Sundays during the Family Formation between 9:30-10:30 AM . One session in the Fall and one Session in the Spring.



Parish School of Religion

Contact: Paige Bacile 985-981-8010; 985-386-3749;

Description: Catechesis for youth Kindergarten -5th grade who don't attend Catholic Schools, providing help to their parents with resources and knowledge to be effective Catechists in their homes.

Requirements: Safe Environment Training and Clearance through the Diocese of Baton Rouge

Frequency: Sundays 9:30-10:30 AM September- April

*Special Ed Catechism and Sacramental Prep

Contact: BJ Nepveux 985-370-7548 (Home) 985-634-8806

Description: Individual evaluation offered for special needs in Catechesis. Depending on the need, instruction may be one on one , small group, or large class with assistant. Adapted curriculum is used according to need.

Requirements: Individual evaluation is required for best instruction before beginning classes. If classes are one on one, the parent must be present.

Frequency: As needed

*St. Joseph’s Carpenters

Contact: Mike Boudreaux 985-722-5363
Ian Hoffman 504-577-1537

Description: Prayer, fellowship, and skill formation (sports, building etc.) for young men 8th grade and up.


Youth Ministry

Contact: Sarah Stoehr (985) 386-3749

Description: Our youth ministry is split into two groups. Ablaze is our middle school ministry for grades 6th-8th. Thirst is our high school ministry for grades 9th-12th with preparation for Confirmation in 11th grade.

Requirements: You must register at the office and be in grades 6th-12th. For any adults wanting to volunteer, Safe Environment training with the Diocese of Baton Rouge is required.

Frequency: Our Ablaze catechesis is on Sunday mornings 9:30-10:30. Our Catechesis for High School is on Sunday evenings. We offer various events and retreats for both groups for the building up of community. To see events, please visit our website:



 Adult Formation

Contact: Rachel & Ben Perrin 985-969-0151

Description: To help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel.

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*Called and Gifted

Contact: Denise Arnondin 985-974-9500

Description: Discerning Charisms, your super powers! God created you for love and gave you a unique and unrepeatable way of spreading His love. He has equipped you for this mission by giving you special gifts called charisms at Baptism.

Meets: Sunday Morning Formation, Formation Days and/or Retreats as scheduled.

Faith Enrichment

Contact: Stephanie Waguespack 985-981-9859

Description: Sponsors parish wide events aimed to deepen our faith, broaden our knowledge about Catholicism, and to encourage a closer, supportive community

Frequency: as needed to plan events

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*Lord Teach Me to Pray

Contact: FOR WOMEN- Connie Triolo – –

home 985-467-1307 cell 985-507-7164 and Paula Jarrell 985-429-8977,

FOR MEN- Ron Huguet 504-232-2484

Description: A 3 part Spiritual Journey aimed at fostering a deep, personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ using the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Part 1: 12 weeks of “Praying Christian Virtue”, Part 2: 27 weeks of “ My 19th Annotation” (adapted for lay persons who do not have the luxury of making a 30 day retreat, Part 3: 14 weeks on “Discernment and The Gifts of the Spirit”

Requirements: Each participant is given a Confidentiality Statement (by Carol Weiler) which states: “Everyone participating in LTMTP is expected to abide by a promise of strict confidentiality. By this we mean that nothing shared by anyone in the group meetings is to be shared or discussed outside with anyone. Nor is one to approach someone from your group to question or comment. If someone in the group approaches you with a question concerning their sharing, you are free to speak with the person. LTMTP offers acceptance and reverence to each participant as he/she shares his/her personal journey with God during the time of faith sharing. It is a privilege to be allowed to share an other’s journey with God.

1) What is said in the group remains there and is never revealed.
2) Never question or inquire about someone’s sharing. Don’t forget that if you question or offer advice the person sharing experiences this as a form of rejection.
3) There is no such thing as “holy gossip”. Please do not break the trust of those in your group because it may not be repairable.
4) PRAY DAILY FOR ONE ANOTHER.” (Facilitators are required to repeat this confidential nature of the meetings throughout the series)

Frequency: Women: Sundays, 9:15 – 10:45 AM and Tuesdays, 9:15-10:45 AM, Other times/days TBA

Men: Sundays, 5:00 –6:30 PM

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*Marian Consecration

Contact: Connie Triolo

home 985-467-1307 cell 985-507-7164

Description: Conducting meetings, providing materials and information for the 33 days of preparation for Total Consecration. Encourage others who show a desire to facilitate a group of their own by offering to help with needed items - or to meet with families and friends as a facilitator in their home or with church prayer groups.

Requirements: Participants in group faith-sharing are given copies of “10 Commandments for Small Group Success” and reminded of the need for confidentiality at the beginning of each session. Anyone wishing to “make” or “renew” their Total Consecration To Jesus through Mary should attend a majority of the 6 preparation meetings - or inform the ministry leader that they have spent the required 33 days preparing at home with a preparation guide of their choice.

Frequency: Dates: to be scheduled 1) during Lent for Feast Day of The Annunciation and 2) during May/June for Feast Day of Mary Mother of the Church.

Times: Sundays and Tuesdays 9:15-10:45 AM

Marriage Preparation

Contact: Tom and Julie Waller 985-386-2781

Description: We follow a mentor couple model for marriage preparation. The topics covered include: “Family of Origin”, “Marriage Expectations”, “Communication”, “Sex and Sexuality”, “Making Moral Decisions” and “Sacrament of Matrimony”.

Requirements: Mentor Couples approved by the Pastor.

Frequency: Mentor couple meets with couples preparing for marriage that have already met with Father or Deacon and have already completed and reviewed an assessment with them. We meet with the couples for six sessions over a period of three to four months.


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*Men’s Prayer

Contact: Chris O’Neill 409-527-1614

Description: The men of the parish gather to pray and discuss important themes of growth in spiritual life.

Meetings: 1st Saturday from 6-7 AM in the Day Chapel

RCIA Graphic for Minisitry Direcotry.jpg


Contact: Ed & Julie Hanks 504-812-7703

Description: RCIA is the process for initiating people into the Catholic Church. The RCIA process prepares you to receive the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and 1st Eucharist. After receiving all three of these sacraments you are fully initiated into the Catholic Faith. You can join at any time. For most people the process takes about a year. The formal part of the process, starts during the late summer, with some folks starting as late as the fall (depends on circumstances). Generally, you receive the Sacraments of Initiation the following Easter, at the Easter Vigil Mass (the night before Easter Sunday).

Requirements: For those entering the process of RCIA who feel called by God. Team members must be in good standing with the Church, practicing their faith.

Frequency: RCIA meets most Sundays from 9:30-10:30 AM

Women’s Ministry

Contact: Mary Vedeckis 225-294-6631

Description: Women come together for mutual spiritual enrichment social interaction, and support. We share intercession for our nation, Church, families, etc. We recite the rosary and specific prayers and intentions, have a social time with coffee and desserts, then end with a book or video lesson and discussion. Personal prayer ministry is included occasionally. Periodically we participate in supporting pro-life efforts, seminarians, etc. We usually take an hour at the abortion clinic for 40 days for life, collect diapers for Catholic Charities, items for human trafficking shelters, etc.

Requirements: Simply be a woman who desires to grow in love of Christ and His Church. All sharing is confidential.

Frequency: 6pm Wednesdays


Word & Worship

Contact: Fernando Morales 985-662-2844

Description: A gathering of Praise and Worship, Lectio Divina, and Prayer Ministry. Word and Worship is the intercessory prayer hub of the parish, offering support to ministry leaders and parishioners through intercession and individual prayer ministry. It is a ministry of renewal and outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Frequency: Tuesday’s at 7 PM in the Chapel


 Liturgical Worship

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Altar Servers

Contact: Glen and Michele Ernst 386-6618

Description: Assist Priest during Mass: Weekend Mass, Daily Mass, Funeral Mass, Weddings, Stations of the Cross, Masses on Holy Days of Obligation, Tridiuum Masses, and Services.

Requirements: Catholic in Good Standing: Baptized and Received First Holy Communion, Must be in at least the 4th grade or the age of state regulations for 4th grade. May serve into college years.

Training: Mandatory once a year five session long training. First Session a parent or guardian must attend with the altar server.

Caretakers of Plants in the Church

Contact: Barbara Martino 985-386-3622

Description: Water bi-weekly, prune, and fertilize when needed. Pick up dead flowers in Church weekly and empty garbage from storage room.

Requirements: dedicated, sense of pride in caring for Sanctuary, love of plants, little knowledge, will teach.

Frequency: 5 teams each scheduled once a month, one team scheduled every Monday


*Chalice for Vocations

Contact: Linette Wylie 985-981-1154

Description: Each Sunday, September through May, at 11AM Mass, volunteer parishioners and families accept the responsibility of praying for vocations at home with their family. Father invites the family to the altar after communion to receive the Chalice with a special blessing. The family takes the Chalice home and displays it in a prominent place of honor for all members to see during the week. At a special time each day, perhaps after dinner or before bed, the family will come together to pray for and concentrate on vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life and at the same time, explain and prompt young children and teenagers to consider how God may be calling them into a deeper relationship with Him in one of these vocations. During the Summer months, the Vocations Chalice is offered to our daily Mass parishioners.

Frequency: September-May at 11 AM Sunday Mass. June-August 8:00 AM Daily Mass

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Church Decorating

Contact: Francis and Barbara Martino 985-386-3622

Description: Set up Church for all seasons:

Christmas-set up 19 Christmas trees, Nativity etc., Lent-set up for Holy Thursday with take down Good Friday, Easter- decorate for Easter Vigil.
Flowers ministry- poinsettias for Christmas and Easter Lilies for Easter. Special flowers for special occasions.

Requirements: Just a willingness to help.

Frequency: To be announced in Bulletin per Season

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Extraordinary Ministers of
Holy Communion

Contact: Angela Pevey 985-507-5757

Description: Serve Mass needs in distributing Holy Communion. Serve Homebound parishioners who cannot attend Mass by bringing the Precious Eucharist to them. Serve Catholic residents of area nursing homes and hospitals by bringing the Eucharist to them.

Requirements: Confirmed in Faith, 18 years of Age, A Catholic in Good Standing with the Church, a Parishioner of St. Joseph's Church.

Frequency: As scheduled for Sunday Mass and Home Visits


Eucharistic Adoration

Contact: Donna Clause, 985-502-0309,

Description: Scheduled Hourly Adoration before the Blessed Eucharist

Requirements: reverent, silent contemplation, belief in the real presence

Frequency: Wednesdays; Choose an hour between 9AM-9PM

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Contact: Barbara Martino 985-386-3622

Description: Greeting parishioners at Mass. Making parishioners feel welcome. Meeting new people such as new parishioners and guests of the Parish.

Requirements: Friendly, willingness to meet new people, big smiles, willing to extend a hand.

Frequency: 1 Greeter at every Mass

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Contact: Larry Ernst 985-386-5731;

Description: Ministry to provide Lectors for Mass. In charge of training and assisting in scheduling.

Requirements: Must be over 18, attend Mass regularly on Saturday or Sunday, and a proficient communicator.

Frequency: Sundays as scheduled for Mass



Contact: Rhonda Rossano 985-386-3749 X 209

Description: The Music Ministry serves the parish through vocal and instrumental music.
The mission of the ministry is to deepen the spirituality of the members of St. Joseph's through beautiful music. Currently the Liturgical Choir serves regularly at 11 AM Mass on Sundays and at other liturgies as needed. Plans are underway to develop a Youth Choir.

Requirements: Each member is expected to have enthusiasm for Sacred Music during Liturgies. Those wishing to cantor are required to submit resumes, interview, and audition with the Music Director. Resurrection Choir rehearses

periodically, as needed and serves at Funerals as requested by the Family of

the deceased.

Frequency: Wednesdays at 6:30-7:30 PM and 11AM Sunday Mass


Contact: Joseph Jason 985-386-8639

Description: Members are scheduled to help with seating and collections at Sunday Mass and other scheduled Holy Days and Events.


 Outreach Ministries

new beloved.jpg

*Broken and Beloved

Contact: Angela Perrin 985-318-4927 or 985-386-3749

Description: Broken and Beloved is a three-day Theology of the Body retreat for women offered by parishioner Becki Alford and trauma therapist Veronica Lenzi, PhD, providing an opportunity for healing from trauma and wounds of broken family life and relationships. The goal of the retreat is to provide healing through an encounter with Christ in the Sacraments and each other. Reconciliation, Mass, Adoration, Spiritual Direction, group therapy, and time set aside for meditation and contemplation are foundations of the retreat. Broken and Beloved is followed up by small group support offered to women through Healing Hearts or Monica’s Journey support groups.

Frequency: Offered once a year in December on the weekend of, or closest to, either the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th) or Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12th).


healing Hearts.JPG

*Healing Hearts

Contact: 985-401-2010

Description: For women who's spouse or partner is addicted to pornography or any form of sexual misbehavior.

Requirements: Cards handed out by Father and other Healing Ministry Leaders, Intake Interview through phone call to the contact listed above.

Frequency: Wednesday evening 6 PM


Monica's Journey.JPG

*Monica’s Journey

Contact: 985-467-9520

Description: The ministry provides a safe and confidential Christ-centered environment for women who have experienced abuse of any kind, broken relationships, abandonment, or the effects of any type of addiction (either their own or that of a loved one.)

Requirements: open to women only
- must sign a confidentiality statement and agree to abide by specific rules regarding what is discussed at meetings and how others must be treated with respect and dignity.
- the ministry is open to women of all faiths, not just Catholics
- intake interview through phone call of the number listed above

Frequency: Call contact number for info.



*My House Ministry

Description: 12 Step Catholic program for Men who are addicted to Pornography and other sexual acting out.

Requirements: Must receive a card from Priest in Confession prior to calling the leader. Person is screened by Priest in Confession then confidential call to leader for group entry.

Frequency: 1x every week at 6:30 PM



Nursing Home Ministry

Contact: Deacon Larry Melancon 985-386-3749

Joan Duplessis 985-386-2673

Description: We offer Communion service at Belle Maison and Camelot Nursing Homes. Volunteers are needed as Lectors. The rosary is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We bring Communion to patients in the Rooms. A weekly Communion Service is conducted on Sundays in the Dining Room of Belle Maison Nursing and Camelot each Sunday. If you would like to assist in the service each week, please Contact Deacon Larry. Volunteers are needed for Rosary and visitation at Nursing Homes.

9 AM Every Tuesday at Landmark Nursing Home: 42250 North Oaks Dr., Hammond, LA 70403

10AM Every Tuesday and Thursday at Belle Maison 15704 Medical Arts Dr. Hammond, LA 70403

10 AM Every Thursday at Camelot 1561 HWY 51 Ponchatoula, LA 70454

If you are interested in this vital ministry please contact Ms. Joan.

PAL pic.png

*PAL-Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

Contact: Mary Jo Balado 985-320-3010

Paige Bacile 985-981-8010

Description: PAL provides hope through education and support to parents of addicted loved ones. The PAL group is facilitated by a peer, someone walking the same path. While the focus is on parents, all family members and friends are welcome to attend. The guiding principals of PAL are confidentiality, respect, acceptance, and support. There are two parts to the meeting: an educational component and sharing component.

Requirements: Participants must be 18 or older

Frequency: Meets second and fourth Thursdays of the Month



Prison Ministry

Contact: Wayne Vedeckis 504-453-7855

Description: Attend meetings at Rayburn Correctional Center. These include:
1. Prison Fellowship Seminar Friday evening/Saturday morning and afternoon any or all sessions 5 times per year. Nondenominational, Christian enrichment and sharing.
2. Catholic Faith Sharing Thursday evening from 7-8 PM including Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Spiritual Communion, faith enrichment, sharing
3. One day with God twice a year, once at Hunt Correctional, help with activities while children spend the day with their Fathers on a Saturday.

Requirements: 18 years or older
Gate Pass/background check per single event
PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Training annually for volunteer service.
Consists of one day, three hour training/education program.

Frequency: Varies (See Description)


Respect Life

Contact: Ed & Julie Hanks 985-351-3143

Description: Bring awareness to St. Joseph’s parish of pro-life causes and activities and opportunities to get involved

Frequency: October: 40 Days for Life abortion clinic prayer vigil and Nation Wide Life Chain outside St. Joseph’s Church on Hwy 22.

January: Attend State and National March for Life

Every Thursday Prayer outside of Abortion Clinic


St. Joseph Bereavement Food Ministry

Contact: Cheryl Laiche 985-386-2033

Description: Provides food to the Bereaved family at the time of the funeral. If family requests, we offer a Mass or food. We make sure they know the Church cares and gives them a chance to talk to others going through this.

Frequency: As needed


St. Vincent de Paul Society

Contact: Tony Guagliardo II 985-974-6512

Description: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have no where else to turn for help. As important, SVdP provides meaningful opportunities for volunteers to serve their neighbors in need with love and compassion. Our food pantry is always in need of food donations. Beans, Rice, cereal and canned goods would be greatly appreciated. Any food donations can be brought to the kitchen just off the Narthex of the church.

Requirements: If you are interested in joining our St. Vincent de Paul Society, please contact Deacon Larry Melancon at (985) 386-3749. Training can be arranged so that you can assist those in our area who are in need. If assistance is needed from the Society, please call (985) 370-5459. You will receive a recorded message. You will need to leave your name, phone number, and a brief message. A member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society will then get in touch with you to arrange for a home visit.

Frequency: Currently, meetings are held every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM. in the St. Dominic conference room in the Ministry Center.



*Stephen Ministry

Contact: Anita Perrin 985-687-4458;

Ronnie Perrin 985-507-9765

Description: Grief Ministry. One on One accompaniment for people in crisis.

Requirements: 50 hours of training, 2 year commitment

Frequency: As scheduled


*Healing from Divorce Ministry

Contact: Angela Perrin 985-318-4927

Description: 12 week parish program that brings healing and hope to divorced and separated Catholics or non-Catholics. Help is provided with advice from experts, counselors. theologians, and Priests. Author and presenter Rose Sweet guides participants from pain and loneliness to hope and healing. Practical advice meets spiritual growth through the Sacraments, teachings of the Church, Theology of the Body, and wisdom from experts and others who have suffered divorce. As divorced and separated Catholics experience this pastoral program, their lives are rejuvenated, their hope is restored and their faith in Christ in His Church renewed.

Requirements: Confidentiality Statement

Frequency: Mondays 6-7:30 PM in the Conference Room of the Church



Unbound Ministry

Contact Fernando Morales 985-662-2844

Angela Perrin 985-318-4927

Description: UNBOUND Ministry is an approach to deliverance and healing prayer developed by Neal Lozano. A group of parishioners are trained to facilitate Unbound. A team of two trained parishioners would be selected or assigned for each individual session. Parishioners may choose their facilitators from the list of trained parishioners if they wish.

+ The focus of the UNBOUND model is on an individual as you deeply listen to their story and heart.

+ UNBOUND is a safe, loving, effective prayer model that helps people to respond to the good news of the gospel.

+ UNBOUND applies the truth to our lives by using five basic responses called the Five Keys

+ The Five Keys are: Repentance & Faith, Forgiveness, Renunciation, Authority, and the Father’s Blessing

Frequency: Scheduled appointment


*Widowed Friends

Contact: Barbara Guy 985-507-9966

Description: The Widowed Friends group has been formed to provide the specific fellowship of Widows and Widowers. Parishioners who are in other circumstances of single life are invited and encouraged to join the various ministries in our parish offered to suit their specific and/or general needs.

Frequency: Events are scheduled and posted on a monthly basis through the bulletin


 Outreach & Liturgical


Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

Leader: Angela Pevey 985-507-5757 Deacon Larry Melancon (985) 386-3749.

Description: Home and Hospital Visitors bring Holy Communion to the sick in local hospitals and to the homebound. Please have someone notify Hospital Admissions that you are a member of St. Joseph’s Parish. Also, have someone notify the Parish Office when you enter the hospital or if you are unable to attend Mass. Home visits can also be arranged by calling the church office at (985) 386-3749.

Requirements: If you would like to become an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at North Oaks Medical Center, please contact Deacon Larry at (985) 386-3749. Once you have received the initial training at St. Joseph’s, you will be required to attend a training session at North Oaks. We invite all of our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to become Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist at Belle Maison & Camelot Nursing Homes. If any of our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Deacon Larry Melancon at (985) 386-3749.

Frequency: As Scheduled