What Our Youth Did This Summer...

You may not always see what they’re up to but odds are you’ll hear laughter and screams of joy when there is youth ministry going on. We had a PACKED summer this year and we wanted to spread some of the joy!

Fully Alive (Thirst 9th-12th)


Lord of the Rings Marathon

Black Light TP Dodge Ball

Escape Room

Harry Potter Marathon

Come As You Are (Ablaze 6th-8th)


Color Fight

VBS Volunteer Pool Party

Live Action Fortnite

Red, White, & Blue Party

Live Action Clue

Sneauxball Fight

Giant Lawn Games

Maidens of the Immaculate Heart

(8yrs+ Summer Girls Program)


Homemade Candles

Masquerade Ball

Costume Party

If you have any pictures to add, please email them to sstoehr@sjscrusaders.org

For more info on our 6th-12th grade youth ministry, check out or website: www.sjcyouth.com